About Us

Nil4.us was founded by several die hard sports fans who care about the players far more than the sport itself or whether or not they win. nil4.us is a partnership between an NIL company and a software company. We compliment each other well, and together we bring great value to Athletes and fans for a great deal to all parties. We are stationed out of Wyoming, which is an advantage because of the state's low taxes. We pass those savings on to the Athletes and fans so they will always get the best deal. We really do care about our clients. Let us help you connect in a great way.

  • Cougconnect

    Nil4.us is 50% owned by Cougconnect. This is an NIL company that has a proven record of caring for their clients whether it be the Athlete or the Fan. Cougconnect follows compliance rules and has a proven track record of raising money for players both scheduled events, and for immediate emergencies when Athletes find themselves in a bind and need help right away.

  • One Stop Portal

    One Stop Portal was started in 2015 as a full software suite for Alarm Companies. They have had some of the largest Alarm Companies in the world use their software over the years and they have helped small alarm companies become large and successful. Since One Stop Portal already had many of the tools such as a dynamic drag and drop Calander and payroll calculation and tracking capabilities as well as quick simple setup wizards, they were able to help streamline the process for Cougconnect.

  • nil4.us

    Nil4.us is the outcome of the 2 businesses together helping Athletes and Fans to connect in ways like never before. We have changed the dynamics of NIL from being a game for large corporations to being something that anyone can afford to do. Maybe all you can afford is 20 dollars per month and a little bit here and there, or maybe you can't afford the monthly fee. Just sign up for our free account. That'll get you access to the Athletes schedules so you can plan an event to help out a College Athlete who could really use the money, and you get to hang with that Athlete. With the Free plan, you could pay a small fee of $45/hr ($30.00/hr for paid subscribers) and you could play Fortnite or Warzone etc with one of your sports heroes. It is no longer just for The Big Guys This Is NIL 4 All Of Us. Why the 4 instead of 'for' you may ask? Call us to learn more about the reseller program and why the number 4 is symbolic to the company. The call will be worth your time. (307)-922-8806

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